Aims & Scope

Finance Bulletin offers a fast-track publishing media, with a double blind reviewing process ensuring high scientific standards for both empirical and theoretical papers focusing on finance in all its aspects. As such, it offers a platform showing the diversity and the richness of Finance as an academic field.
Finance Bulletin is open to all methodologies and welcomes papers with a strong empirical orientation as well as those that would be more theoretical or driven by new methodologies. Papers with an interdisciplinary dimension are also welcome but are expected to give a special emphasis on finance.

Finance Bulletin welcomes, among others, papers that:

  • challenge well-established results either in a regional or transnational perspective,
  • show the limits of standard methodologies,
  • highlight the potentialities of new methodologies or new variables/data sources,
  • restate standard problems and definitions of finance under a new perspective,
  • ...

Due to the short format of the papers, the writing style is expected to be direct and sharp.

E-appendices are available to provide more details or supplementary material such as statistical code, extra results or tests, data or any other piece of information that could be of interest to the reader.

Finance Bulletin strongly encourages reproducible results and proofs of concepts to improve the reliability of the contributions.